ArcGIS for AutoCAD 300

ArcGIS for AutoCAD 300

It is a plug-in that provides interoperability between AutoCAD and ArcGIS
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ArcGIS for AutoCAD is a free, downloadable plug-in application for AutoCAD that provides interoperability between AutoCAD and ArcGIS. Within the AutoCAD environment, you gain easy access to enterprise GIS maps, map services, image services, and feature services hosted by ArcGIS Server.

In addition, ArcGIS for AutoCAD allows you to edit ArcGIS data stored locally within the AutoCAD drawing or within an ArcGIS geodatabase via ArcGIS for Server feature service.

Use ArcGIS for AutoCAD to
Streamline information sharing between GIS and CAD groups.
View live, rich cartographic GIS maps in AutoCAD.
Include the results of GIS analysis in AutoCAD designs.
Add imagery to your AutoCAD drawing.
Create, manipulate, and define how CAD data is organized and attributed as GIS content so it can be used in ArcGIS for Desktop or AutoCAD.
Navigate your AutoCAD session based on street address or place names.

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